What to check when you are buying Air Hockey Tables


One of the best improvements you can create for a sports space has been the air Hockey Tables. It brings almost everybody a feeling of anticipation and pleasure. Yet this is only true if the table is selected correctly. Everyone has his / her preferences at the table and must consider before making any purchase.

In this segment, we will look at a few of the primary considerations you can think of before purchasing an air hockey table. Plan.

Size of the table

Air hockey tables also come in various sizes, which you must look closely at before you cash out your money. Regulation style air hockey tables also have a length and width of 8 feet by 4 feet each. For competitive gaming, that is typically the minimum scale. It is the best hosting level for the tournaments.

Construction of a table

Air hockey is a game requiring a lot of pressure, often. Lightweight tables will influence the game flow when relied on for quite a style of play. Then it is best to go for a sturdy wood-built table.In markets, the poorly made Air hockey tables are so usual. The bulk of these constructed of plywood. Such tables are not durable, so they seem to snap their legs while gameplay is a significant protection problem for matches. If you play your first indoor game, you might not want to have a severe injury.

Looks & Design

Such tables come in various patterns and styles. Some of them have colorful graphic designs that make them perfect for arcades. Others have been designed beautifully for more advanced game settings.

Pucks big or small

The puck ‘s size is something else you’ll have to look closely into. Tables designed for smaller 2.75 inches pucks arrive with fans, which can only build friction to raise the smaller pucks. On the other side, tables with 3 inches of puck come with more big fans.

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