Poodle Mix: When You Should Get a Poodle

Poodle Mini Bernedoodle in Ohio can be found just about everywhere. Even the internet has more than one potential option for finding these puppies. You can use the web to find puppies and then place an order for shipping, but you also have the option to speak with the owner directly to see if they are willing to make a deal. Some breeders do not mind giving a low price for their puppies so that they will get a larger following of buyers. With a little time and effort though, you can easily save quite a bit of money.

The first place you should look for a poodle mix in Ohio is at the local shelter or rescue group. Many local rescue groups have small puppy mixes for sale that need loving homes. While you may not be able to bring your new puppy home right away, sitting down and talking to the person who will be caring for it while you wait can help you make the most of your purchase. It can also be a good idea to look at ads for those who are actively raising a puppy mix through a breeder as well.
There are some important things you should know about poodle mix puppies. All poodle mixes have been altered by the time they reach a certain age, and some can still have behavioral issues that stem from being altered. However, most adoptions are done because the mother is sick or left behind with the breeder. If this is the case, there is usually a good chance that the breeder knows everything there is to know about the poodle mix he is selling, and he can help guide you through any problems that you might encounter.
Poodle mix parents who are not chosen for their breeding can often end up with puppies who display the same behavioral problems that older dogs have. That is because the dam has gotten over bred, or her puppies have been mistreated. You should also know that breeders often mix up the dam’s litter with the sire to keep the dam healthy, although this doesn’t mean that the dam won’t be aggressive toward her offspring. Just that the dam has more experience being pregnant, and that she is already used to being around young animals.
If you are considering buying a poodle, you should look for information about the dam as well. You should know what medical issues she may have had in the past, and you should know whether she has had any of the health problems that you may have expected from purchasing purebred poodles. Because the dam will almost surely be smaller than the pups you want to purchase, you need to be especially careful about how you choose the puppies you buy from the breeder.
Poodle breeders who are trying to sell purebred Poodle mix puppies should be very forthcoming about this fact. They should also be willing to provide you with the health history of both the dam and the pups. You may find that a breeder is reluctant to discuss these points because they are hoping that you won’t ask any questions. Be sure to ask any questions that you feel are relevant to the mix; after all, your mixed Poodle may become a part of your family and not just an amusing pet.